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CSA - Compliance, Safety, Accountability
This is an image of a male truck driver standing beside a chrome truck.
Welcome to the
Motor Carrier
Resource Center
Here's where you can learn how to improve your company's safety performance and find resources to help your drivers Get Road Smart so America's roads get safer. With 5 million truck and bus drivers sharing the road with more than 250 million motorists, it's essential that everyone Get Road Smart about CSA.
Motor Carrier Toolkit:
When Your Drivers Get
Road Smart, America's
Roads Get Safer
This is your one-stop resource for safety compliance materials
on FMCSA's CSA program. Choose from posters, factsheets,
brochures, business cards, and PowerPoint presentations that
you can download, print, and share to help everyone at your
company Get Road Smart. It's one way you can join FMCSA
in making a nationwide commitment to safety.
Safety Compliance Is Good Business
Motor carriers, you know the vital importance of safety
compliance for your drivers, your business, and your reputation.
Review your safety data, and take action to make the roads
safer for everyone. Log into the Safety Measurement System
(SMS), which uses data collected from roadside inspections,
crash reports, and investigations.
Motor carriers, log in to the SMS to view additional safety data.
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