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Is your device listing up to date? Review the list of self-certified ELDs and make sure to inform FMCSA of any change to your software.

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Test your device

Providers must certify that they have tested their device and that it meets all technical specifications detailed in the ELD Rule. To assist with this, FMCSA will offer optional technical resources, including a File Validator which is now available.

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Register your ELD

Once a provider can self-certify that their ELD is compliant, they can register the device with FMCSA. These devices will appear on the Self-Certified ELD List that truck and bus companies will refer to when shopping for the ELD that best meets their business needs.

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Together to Make
Roads Safer

FMCSA is committed to providing manufacturers, carriers, and drivers with the information they need to stay compliant with the ELD Rule.

To implement the ELD Rule, FMCSA relies on our partners to ensure a smooth transition.


  • Ensures that drivers of commercial motor vehicles get the rest they need to drive safer by publishing, educating on, and enforcing the ELD Rule.
  • Provides methods for testing to assist manufacturers in creating compliant ELDs.
  • Trains enforcement personnel on how to use ELD data to conduct inspections and investigations.
  • Works with manufacturers to rectify ELDs found not meeting the minimum requirements or, when necessary, removes non-compliant devices from the list of self-certified ELDs.

ELD providers…

  • Certify that their devices meet the specifications in the ELD Rule in order for their devices to appear on the FMCSA list of self-certified ELDs.
  • Maintain the accuracy of their device registration, informing FMCSA of any major changes or enhancements.
  • Ensure the security of their devices and work with carriers to quickly resolve any technical malfunctions or issues.

Motor Carriers/Drivers…

  • Use the list of self-certified ELDs to decide which ELD is right for their business needs.
  • Train drivers on using ELDs to track and share records of duty status.
  • Make sure ELDs are functioning properly in all non-exempt vehicles.

Types of Data Transfer

ELD data must pass through FMCSA’s systems before it can be reviewed by enforcement personnel. Compliant ELDs must offer at least one complete set of the data transfer options listed below. Data Transfer fact sheets are available to assist you.

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Option 1: Telematics

Web Services

Uses internal internet connection to upload data file to FMCSA servers.


Attaches ELD file to an email message sent to an FMCSA-specified address.

Option 2: Local Transfer

USB 2.0

ELD file locally transferred to laptop using USB keypad to encrypt and decrypt data.

Bluetooth ®

Upload ELD file to FMCSA servers via Bluetooth-enabled internet connection.

Will your ELD’s output file work with FMCSA’s systems?

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Develop and Test Your ELD

FMCSA is committed to providing the information you need to create a compliant ELD:

  • ELD Interface Control Document and Web Services Development Handbook
  • ELD Web Services WSDL/XSD
  • Data Transfer test environments
  • Technical Specifications FAQs

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