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Is your ELD on our Self-Certified List?

FMCSA has enhanced the ELD registration process, providing new technical information to assist ELD providers in creating compliant ELDs. Log in to your account to visit the ELD Provider Portal for more details.

Submit Your Public Key

It is now possible to submit your certificate containing your public key. Providing this key to FMCSA is a requirement of the ELD Rule, and is necessary for both data transfer options (telematics and local transfer). With this site update, uploading your certificate containing your public key is now a required step in the ELD registration process.

Log in to your ELD Provider account to register your self-certified ELD.

New Updates from FMCSA

New site features also include technical documents and information needed to produce devices that meet all the technical specifications in the ELD Rule.

Log in to your account to access:
  • ELD Interface Control Document and Web Services Development Handbook
  • ELD Technical Specification FAQs
  • FMCSA global email address (for email data submission)
  • FMCSA public key
  • FMCSA Rules of Behavior
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Test your ELD File with FMCSA’s File Validator

Will your ELD output file work with FMCSA’s system? Find out now by using the ELD File Validator.

Using the File Validator is not a mandatory step of the self-certification process. FMCSA has made it available to help ensure that your self-certification process goes as smoothly as possible

Coming Soon: Test Environments

Data transfer test environments will be available soon. Stay tuned for more details.


Contact ELDTech@dot.gov.