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Train-the-Trainer Program is Underway!

June 24, 2009

Training for additional test state field staff was conducted last week in Massachusetts and a second session will be offered in Missouri in July. Representatives from the operational model test states are joining the CSA 2010 Training Team to share their on-the-ground knowledge and experience by training their peers.

Jim Dearing, a Missouri Safety Investigator and new CSA 2010 instructor states, “As an SI in one of the original test states, I was a vocal skeptic early on. However, my experience over the past 18 months has changed my mind. I believe that the new approach to the investigative process and its associated applications are the most dynamic and innovative compilation of tools and resources FMCSA has developed in its history. I am not only enthusiastic but proud to be involved in educating others as the Agency prepares for rollout nationwide.”

FMCSA field staff and state partners will all receive this CSA 2010 training as a key part of implementation next year! The training includes real-world examples focusing on investigations using CSA 2010’s approach, and provides hands-on sessions to introduce the new measurement system and new tools.

June 17, 2009

Federal & State SIs Guide Software Development for CSA 2010

Next Generation Applications Will Serve Federal and State Investigators in Their Enforcement Role

Safety Investigators from Colorado, Georgia, Missouri, and New Jersey Division Offices and State Partner organizations recently met in Denver to lend their real-world expertise to the development of software tools that will be used in the field to support CSA 2010 interventions when CSA 2010 rolls out next year.

With participation from FMCSA's IT Development Division, and technical support from North Dakota State University and the Volpe Center, the group reviewed the proposed CSA 2010 intervention process, from pre-investigation through follow-up. Their essential input provided on-the-ground knowledge of how the next generation suite of tools can be developed to support CSA 2010 roll out next year!

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July 01, 2009

Peer-to-Peer Exchange - A Window into CSA 2010

This summer’s field staff in-service training includes a forum for Operation Model (OpModel) test participants to share their experiences and to engage in an open exchange of questions and answers with their non-test counterparts.  Recently, when State Safety Enforcement Investigator, Steff Copeland was asked to leave just one thought with her peers about her experience with CSA 2010, she answered:

"Keep an open mind...CSA 2010 is a change but it’s a very effective change and change can be good. It is an efficient and effective way to contact carriers and make a difference."

-Steff Copeland, State Safety Enforcement Investigator, Missouri DOT

The peer-to-peer sessions will provide field staff with a direct opportunity to hear even more from their OpModel test counterparts about the issues that are most important to them!

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