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CSA 2010 Webinar Given to OTA!

July 29, 2009

The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) is not only Canada’s largest trucking organization, it is also the third largest in all of North America. OTA is an important FMCSA stakeholder.

On July 21, 2009, Bryan Price, Senior Transportation Specialist at FMCSA, led a Webinar on CSA 2010 for OTA members. His presentation included an overview of the program as well as an update on the Operational Model Test currently underway.

One area of interest by the OTA membership was the inclusion of time-weighted, on-road safety performance data using all safety-based violations in determining scores through the new Safety Measurement System (SMS). This is a new feature in CSA 2010. Price explained, “FMCSA wants results to be as reflective as possible of a carrier's current safety status, and does not want to overwhelm the system with old data which may disproportionately influence the scores if the carrier has improved over the two year period.

Similar CSA 2010 outreach efforts to stakeholders will continue to take place throughout the year.

July 22, 2009

CSA 2010 Warning Letters Provide Early Safety Alert

FMCSA is sending warning letters to carriers in the six test states whose on-road safety performance data indicates a safety problem in one or more of the Behavioral Analysis Safety Information Categories (BASICs) - and the responses have been notably positive!

Of the 3,000 warning letters sent to date, over 45% of carriers receiving them have logged in to view their safety scores. Daniel Drexler, Minnesota Division Administrator, a test state DA, observed, "As a result of the warning letters sent to Minnesota carriers, we have spoken with many carrier officials who thanked us for notifying them about their safety problems."

According to Drexler, "We found that once carrier officials understand that the new system enables them to identify their problem drivers, a light goes on.  They see CSA 2010 as a tool to reinforce for drivers the importance of roadside inspections, and to hold drivers accountable for on-road safety performance, and therefore improve their companies’ overall safety performance."

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August 05, 2009

FSWG: Moving CSA 2010 Forward!

Intervention Managers from the six test states met with FMCSA CSA 2010 Development Team members last week to share lessons learned, esolve issues, and make practical improvements to the new operational model in continued preparation for national roll out next year.

The Federal-State Working Group (FSWG) has been in place since the beginning of the test. Captain Mark Savage of the Colorado State Patrol reports that: "CSA 2010 was developed from the ground level up with close collaboration between state partners and federal enforcement personnel and from that perspective it is unique and effective." According to Savage, CSA 2010 has "...increased the integrity of my entire program in Colorado because of the increased emphasis, not just on investigations, but also on the data that’s collected on the roadside and thereby focusing more attention and resources towards the most important goal of the program, reducing crashes."

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