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4.4.5 How Crashes Affect Carrier Safety Interventions by FMCSA

All reportable crashes over the last 24 months are listed in FMCSA’s Safety Measurement System (SMS). All reportable crashes are used to calculate a Crash Indicator measure and percentile. SMS weights crashes based on severity. In the case of the Crash Indicator measure and percentile, the carrier’s crash rates are being compared to other similar carriers’ crash rates. A high Crash Indicator percentile suggests that a further examination of crash cause(s) may be needed, and if correctable, the motor carrier should make changes to address the problem(s). For a more detailed explanation of how the Crash Indicator measure is calculated, please see the SMS Methodology document.

Crash Preventability Reviews 

 Each crash must be judged individually.  The investigator or auditor will review all documents available at the motor carrier’s principal place of business, state crash reports, and information in FMCSA’s IT systems.   

49 CFR Part 385 Appendix B, section II.B(e) provides the standard for making a preventability determination: “If a driver, who exercises normal judgment and foresight could have foreseen the possibility of the accident that in fact occurred, and avoided it by taking steps within his/her control which would not have risked causing another kind of mishap, the accident was preventable.”  

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